Top old French names used in Medieval and meanings

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Today we will share with you the list of the old French names that were used by the Medieval French, you like to have a Knight’s name for your boy, or a Hunter for your girl.. or just love a vintage names, this is will help you get it, let’s go:

Top old French names used in Medieval and meanings

1ErvigCanon, priest
2AnsilaArrow maker
3AmineStrong for a fight,  from Latin origin means Reliable
5EmeliaIndustrious; striving.
6NicolasVictory in Those Who Love All
7VadamercaA spear
8RashaThe Marquis
10HulmulTalon, claw
11HevaDivine helmet
12MelleNoble warrior
13NacerThe one who gives Victory
14VincentLatin origin name Vincentius meaning “Conquering”
16EberwolfA strong Wolf
17AymenBless, right-handed and lucky
18LiobaA female Lion
19ReaganLittle King
20GarenA mighty spear
21LemziliA latin origin name meaning “Who likes God”
22JulienJove of the descendants
23KalenIrish / Keltse names, warriors
24GuillaumeStrong willpower as a helmet
25MehdiCorrect Guidance
27TheudisTo kill
28TheodehadBrave friend
29BilelMeans “The chosen one”
31LaithThe Lions
33RégisThe staff of the Goths
34SegericArdent for peace
35BragaGuardian of prosperity
36AxelHe brings peace
37MathieuGift of Lord
38ElianorHonor, valor
39CorentinGreat hunter
40HunilaWild ruler
42LiuvaShield of goatskin
43LoreleiPeaceful ruler
44EliottVariations of Elliot: God on high, O Jesus-Ho-U. From a surname derived from an acronym of Greek medieval Elias. Elijah’s Variation
46AchrafNoblest and most prominent
48ZakiClean, smart, intelligent
49GentoLittle lance
50MoniaMy God has helped

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Hope you enjoy it, thank you.

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